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Yr Anymwybod Cymreig: Freud, Dirfodaeth a’r Seine Cenedlaethol


This book discusses the history of ideas in Wales over half a century between the end of the First World War and the death of the influential philosopher JR Jones in 1970. It traces and analyzes the response of Welsh authors and intellectuals to new ideas, such as psychoanalysis and satirism , in the fields of psychology and philosophy.

Table of Contents:
1. Soul Physicians: Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Welsh
2. Dark Tonight? Welsh Writers' Responses To Psychoanalysis
3. Crisis and Commitment: A Welsh Consciousness
4. Completing the Break: Psychology at the Work of JR Jones
Author Biography:
Llion Wigley is a historian who has published essays and articles in 'The New World' The Essayist, Welsh History Magazine, Labor, Critical Writings ac From the Four Winds.
Further Information:
1. This book will be the first in-depth coverage of the Welsh response to Sigmund Freud's ideas and psychoanalysis in general in the half-century period between 1920 and 1970 and also the first specific coverage of the response to dialectics in Wales. It will raise the readers' eye on the wealth of articles, volumes and articles published in this period in Welsh that deal with challenging, exciting international ideas such as psychoanalysis and satirism.
2. It is an interdisciplinary volume covering history, psychology, literature and philosophy.
3. The volume pays close attention to the work of important Welsh writers of the first half of the twentieth century in particular who have been generally neglected or forgotten, such as Elena Puw Morgan, Gwilym O. Roberts and Harri Williams.
4. Attempts to demonstrate the relevance and importance of some of the ideas discussed in the authors' works featured in the volume to contemporary debates about mental health, politics and Welsh identity.


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Author: Rhys Mwyn

Language: Welsh

Number of Pages: 304

Release Date: June 2019