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Welsh Phrases for Learners


An alphabetical collection of English-Welsh and Welsh-English terms, phrases and idioms for Welsh learners. Reprint; first published in 1997.

This is a straightforward, unpretentious book listing phrases picked up by the author while learning Wlpan courses. The first half of the book gives a word list in the English translations.

It is helpful to have the lists of such words as' if not '(unless; if not) and' likely to '(if you were) and' sgen ti ? ' (have you) and not just proverbs and idioms.

There are quite a few books of Welsh phrases available. For Welsh learners, this is the advantage of having been collected by a beginner, from scratch, who has eagerly noted the kind of subtleties that can trip up new learners.

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 Author: Eric Jones

Language: Learners

Cover: Soft

Pages: 176

Release Date: August 2015