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Tomos Llygoden y Theatr a'r Seren Fyd-Enwog


This is the second volume in the Theater Theatre's Tomos series, which follows the adventures of the happy, inquisitive, cute and adventurous little mouse. This time Tomos gets excited when his favorite actor comes to perform in the theater, but disaster strikes him before he hits the stage! Can Thomas save the day?


This is a children's book that immediately attracts attention because of its small, square, unusual shape that is perfect for carrying in a coat pocket or handbag ready to entertain children while waiting for food to arrive in a cafe ... or in the back seat of the car where he has been living with us!

The second in the Theatre's Mouse series, writers Caryl Parry Jones and Craig Russell take us through the ups and downs of cute little mice living in a grand theater in the city. In each volume comes some sort of crisis that demands Thomas and his crew to save the day.

Leri Tecwyn's striking artwork brings the characters to life, and with over 70 colorful pages we definitely get our £ 4.95. As a children's story, the story of world-famous star Trystan Gwynfyd ap Rhych (yes, that's his name!) Came to the theater to perform, and his hilarious twists and turns, though a bit silly my opinion, of course my 5 year old son, who laughed out loud when the singer lost his wig!

On the other hand, my 7-year-old daughter was able to read the story on her own, and because there is not too much text on each page, and the story is moving along quickly, she was desperate find out what was happening next. She's already looking forward to Tomos' next adventure!

An original and engaging series that will make the perfect gift for a child aged 4 to 8 years.

Ellen Roberts


Author: Caryl Parry Jones, Craig Russell

Cover: Soft

Language: Welsh

Number of Pages: 74

Publication Date: June 2019