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Tintin: Trysor Rhaca Coch


Tintin and his friends are on their way to the Caribbean to search for the lost treasure of the Red-tailed Pirate, and the Uncorn ship. Although the remains of the ship are found, there is no trace of the Rhaca Goch treasure. All that is on the seabed is an old chest full of documents - documents that reveal shocking news!

Tintin and his friends head for the Caribbean in search of pirate Rhaca Goch's lost treasure, and the ship The Uncorn. Although they find the sunken vessel beneath the waves, the treasure has vanished. All that remains is full of manuscripts - manuscripts which reveal surprising information!

Author: Herge

/ Translated: Dafydd Jones


Cover: Soft / Paperback


Release Date: November 2020 / November 2020

ISBN:  9781913573027

Suitable for age / Suitable for Ages: 9 - 11.