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Stori'r Geni


The first Christmas story told in a simple style, with adorable illustrations. An ideal book for introducing the story of the miracle of birth to young children.


Review of www.gwales.com

It is an old story but there is no one story that is more appealing than the birth. Whatever your belief, there is some romance for everyone in the birth story - and that romance and excitement comes alive once again as Christmas approaches.

Mererid Hopwood has adapted this book originally written by Leena Lane, author of several children's books. Adaptations can sometimes be time-consuming to read, but given the adaptation work to an experienced author such as Mererid Hopwood, the text flows easily. As one might expect, the book summarizes the marvelous story of the birth of Jesus with reference to the message of the angel Gabriel, the journey to Bethlehem without accommodation, the birth of Jesus and the visit of the shepherds and the wise men.

The story is illustrated with colorful and effective illustrations by Anne Wilson. This is a hardback book that can withstand every toddler's fingertips. As for reading, this is a book suitable for children around Year 2 and under - but I'm sure it will stay on the shelf for many years afterwards. Here is a treasure from a book.

Sarah Down-Roberts

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Language: Welsh

Cover: Hard

Author and Drawing: Leena Lane

Pages: 32

Release Date: September 2019