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Rhedeg i Parys


A novel by Llwyd Owen.

After discovering that they are expecting a baby, a young couple escape from north Wales and start a new life in Cardiff. Detective Sally Morris is hired by the distressed family to search for their daughter, embarking on an exciting and dangerous adventure that leads her to the dark underworld of the capital, the tourism industry of Aberaeron and to the corrupt heart of the copper mountain.
Well-known author Llwyd Owen is a popular figure, thanks to his podcast, translated - 'There's No Welsh Word For RANDOM'. His latest novel ,, The Language of Heaven, is shortlisted for the Book of the Year 2020. A previous winner, for The Faith of Hope Love in 2007 this is his eleventh book in Welsh. He has also published in English and his contemporary fiction also appeals to the younger generation. He lives in Cardiff with his family.


After finding out about a baby, a young couple escape from north Wales to start a new life in Cardiff. Budding detective Sally Morris is employed by the frantic family to look for their daughter, starting a dangerous adventure to the dark underbelly of the city, west Wales tourism, and, ultimately, to the copper mountain's rotten core.

ISBN: 9781784619510 (1784619515

Author: Llwyd Owen
Number of Pages. of pages: 224
Publication Date: November / November 2020