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Perthyn | Nofel



A novel that follows Helen and John, mother and son. Helen has a secret. The time will come when she must share this secret with her son. The result of their secret is that they have to move to another part of the country every fifteen years causing changes in their relationships. Helen comes to experience love in many ways and she and her family have to contend with the impending separation.

Further Review off www.gwales.com, with the permission of the Welsh Books Council.
Opening a novel by Sian Northey is much like meeting an old friend you haven't seen for a while - someone feels instantly comfortable. Here, again, the reading is easy and entertaining. As expected, there are skilled characters, there are not too many characters and so you get to know them all thoroughly.

Another element that is very strong in Sian's work is the sense of place. Usually one place is central to his novels, but this time, that's different. We can wander all over Wales from Penrhyndeudraeth to Cardiff and then to Amlwch, and the paintings certainly stay in mind, although the picture of Penrhyndeudraeth is, to me, more rounded than the rest.

And why is this different? I'm not going to reveal the big secret to you, of course, but here's a secret that means the characters have to constantly pack up and have to make very difficult decisions. The success of the novel is that we fully sympathize with them, feel their wiles but yet understand why they made those decisions.

Central to the novel is the strong relationship between mother and child and between grandmother and granddaughter, though the secret is that neither of those relationships is normal , it makes the love between them seem even stronger, a love that transcends deadlines.

Author: Sian Northey

Language: Welsh

Cover: Soft

Pages: 144

Release Date: February 2019