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Nab Wrc


Mr Hoppy loves Mrs Silver, his neighbor, and Mrs Silver loves Alfa, her turtle. One day Mrs Silver asks Mr Hoppy how to make Alpha grow, and suddenly Mr Hoppy knows how to win her heart. With the help of a magical charm and a few cabbage leaves, can Mr. Hoppy finally be happy? A Welsh adaptation of Want to Trot by Elin Meek.

Mr Silver, who harbors a secret passion for his neighbor, the lovely Mrs Silver, but she lavishes her affection on Alffie, her pet tortoise. Mr. Hoppy's ingenious plot to defeat his rival and win his lady's love will delight and amaze, involving, as it does, and cryptic riddle and no less than 140 tortoises. A Welsh translation of Want to Trot by Elin Meek.

Adapted: Elin Meek 

Suitable for ages 7 - 9 Key Stage 2 


Language: Welsh