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Merch Y Gwyllt - Bethan Gwanas


Sequencing The Wild Witch. Who are the three exotic Welshmen who have settled in an old castle in Ireland? Who is Meg, the lively little child you want to cross? And what will she do when she finds out what happened to her real mother and that her father was responsible? You can follow many hares in this novel - through the magic, the sex and the fun.

The long-awaited sequel to the popular novel The Wild Witch, first published in 2003. Through magic and mystery, with strong language and imagery, we follow young Meg as she finds out what really happened to her mother, the witch in the first title.


ISBN: 9781785622052 (1785622056)

Issue Date June 2020

Published Gomer, Llandysul

Format: Paperback, 176x118 mm, 300 pages