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Llyfr Bwrdd Sali Mali: Jac y Jwc yn Jyglo


A colorful board book about Sali Mali's visit to the circus. What a wonder! Everyone in the village does sports. But where is Sali Mali? And who's that worm ...?

Here's an addition (no. 5) to the beautiful and popular Sali Mali board book series, with the same likeable characters. Here, Sali Mali has organized a circus for her friends in a large marquee in the garden, and everyone is practicing their different skills on their way to her house: unicycle, stilts, and poor Jack the Jwc best to juggle. There will be plenty to entertain the younger, popular theme. It's a shame that books 5 and 6 are a little less robust in terms of make, and the stories are shorter, than the originals in the same series, and the colors are less sharp. Also the pictures are a little 'busier' and less simple. Nevertheless, the story will certainly appeal to the younger children.

Heather Williams from www.gwales.com

Illustrated By: Emma Pelling

Language: Welsh

Cover: Soft

Pages: 32

Publication Date: May 2015