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Gormod o Bopeth ! / Too much Stuff!


As we return to the forest to meet the popular characters from the story Tidy / Tidy, the magpies take center stage this time. The story shows how we can be charmed by possessions, how few things we really need and how to recycle the things we can live without. Kate Greenawy CILIP Medal.

We go back to the woods to meet the well known characters of a story Tidy / Tidy, but this time, the characters are the main characters. The book shows how easily we are fascinated by property, how little we really need, and how to recycle what we can live without. A Welsh adaptation of a timely story, with luxurious illustrations, by the winner of two CILIP Medals Kate Greenaway.

Author: Mari George


Cover: Soft / Paperback


Release Date: November 2020 / November 2020

ISBN: 9781849674874