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Poster Cymru ar y Map: Chwedlau a Traddodiadau



Why not come on a tour of Wales to see how beautiful our country is, learn about its hidden treasures. Explore Wales' most notable legends and traditions with this new folklore poster from the 'Wales on the Map' series. Beautifully illustrated by Valériane Leblond and featuring an informative text by Elin Meek, it presents the grandeur of Welsh culture, and will be a very special gift or gift..

This title is available in English and Welsh. Choose from the drop down menu above.

Gwales Review of Wales on the Map
We must again be grateful to Elin Meek and Valériane Leblond for their wonderful work in this illustrated atlas, and for presenting Wales to young people in such a unique and fresh way.

Elin Meek is now an expert in researching and successfully transmitting all kinds of facts in children's books, and is Wales on the Map is another feather in his hat. The book is packed with information on the history, geography, celebrities, nature, culture, arts, politics, food, legends, architecture and sport of Wales, and much more.

Many adults will also learn many new things about their country. Did you know that Wrexham has the highest percentage of children under 5? Interesting facts include mention of Caldey monks making perfume and chocolate for sale to tourists and the Bronze Age gold cape found near Mold. You may have heard of the legend of the Lady of Llyn y Fan Fach, but do you know exactly where that lake is on the map?

We are also indebted to Valériane Leblond, having previously introduced the Mabinogion tales to children through her colorful and vibrant artwork. Here again we enjoy her detailed yet simple illustrations, which add so much to the many facts. The designer Tanwen Haf has brought it all together to create a very easy and entertaining book to read.

This is a large and hardback book, with the double pages presenting Wales by county (as well as some of its traditional 'old' counties such as Meirionnydd and Montgomeryshire). Your county will probably be familiar to you, but what about the rest?

The book can be browsed leisurely for pleasure, or used as a teaching tool and as a basis for further research. The pages are bursting with fascinating illustrations and facts, all set on a map of Wales, from the dates of the founding of the national parks, to the location of the Red Bandits and the birthplace of fashion designer Julien Macdonald.

There is something here for everyone, and every reader will probably have their opinion on what facts are included (I would like, for example, if Menai Bridge was referred to as the home of the television program Round and round) but on the whole there are timeless facts here that help us understand, appreciate and love our country even more.

In fact, this can be a valuable resource for organizing your holiday - from introducing the area and its history to the children and a checklist to you of everything important to see in an area!

There is also a companion to this information book Quiz Book which is small and light to travel with you, as well as Activity Book full of puzzles, pictures to color etc.

Angharad Williams

Author: Elin Meek

Illustration: Valériane Leblond

Publication Date: July 2019