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CD Steve Eaves | Y Dal yn Dynn, Y Tynnu'n Rhydd


12 years since the release of Moelyci - an album regarded as one of the Welsh classics - Steve Eaves is back with a brand new album; The tight hold, the free pull.

The album is a collection of individual songs and each song is inspired by some different idea or feeling. In the words of Steve: 'Only after composing a number of individual songs will I then think of which ones are somehow' related 'in terms of their themes, moods and feel, and members. And that's how the content of every album comes to mind for me. So I'll never 'create an album' - just compose songs. The process of putting together an album then comes. '

Steve Eaves is recognized as one of the greats of the Welsh music scene and has established himself as an unrivaled talent for word manipulation and perfect marriage with music, and this is yet to be seen in this album. As the title suggests, it's a tight grip on experiences, emotions and feelings but it's also all taken away and dismantled. The title comes from the song 'Vacation Fair', which appears on the album. As Steve explains in explaining its significance:

'Whatever the title means to you, well that's what it means. You'll know better than me what the title means after you've listened to the songs. You open the door while listening, I have no key to it. But of course I have my own ideas about it too. Over the years I've noticed one particular pattern in life. In our hearts we all want to hold on to the things we love - partner, boyfriend, baby, friend, dog, mum and dad, good health, some tenderness, some nice feeling, good days fun, the special quiet, starry nights. And we all have felt the loss very dearly when these things cease, or take away, or are removed from us, or their hold on to us. Everyone knows this - everyone will experience it sooner or later - it's not complicated. But I understand and feel this pattern so much more after trying it many times. I think a lot of the songs came out of those experiences. But other people may well understand the songs and the title much better than me, as I've experienced so many times before. '

When Steve Eaves won a Special Contribution Award at the Awards RAP with the BBC Radio Cymru in 2011, said it 'likes to think ... the best job is ahead of me.' It says it all released his first record Viva la Revolucion Galesa! in 1984 and that it continues to go from strength to strength 35 years later.

1 village 4.04
2 as I was born to do 3.28
3 ma copine 3.48
4 regret now 4.26
5 blue herons and herons 3.43
6 the girl in the blue sky café 4.28
7 blue tits 3.28
8 catherine 2.39
9 broken 5.14
10 vanity fair 3.15
11 left Zion 4.23